Settlements with suppliers

Settlements with suppliers

Расчеты с поставщиками
Settlements with suppliers

Working with foreign suppliers causes a number of difficulties, among which a special place is occupied by settlements with suppliers. Geographical remoteness of partners, the inability of personal communication, the high cost of remittances, the interaction with new suppliers, at times, serve as a significant obstacle to the development of trade relations. RDcargo provides assistance in arranging settlements with foreign partners from Turkey, China and India.

Supplier directory

RDcargo specializes in international transport logistics for 10 years. Today, we are owners of an extensive catalog of proven suppliers from abroad. By entering into an agreement with RDcargo, you are guaranteed:

  • protect yourself from cooperation with unreliable partners;
  • protect your cargo and get it in a clearly defined time frame;
  • Reduce the cost of procurement – cooperation is directly with the supplier.

Specialists of the company make complete control of settlements, comprehensive support of foreign trade transactions, verification of all necessary documentation. We take care of all the most complicated and energy-consuming processes associated with international cargo transportation and resolving bureaucratic issues.

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