Sea transportation

Cargo transportation by sea

Морская перевозка грузов из Турции грузоперевозки по воде
Sea transportation of goods from Turkey, China, India
RDcargo has been carrying out cargo transportation by sea for 10 years. Today, the company’s customers fully trust the employees with the preparation of shipping documentation, customs documentation and other work related to the calculation of the optimal route, storage of cargo, financial matters with suppliers.

Rules for the carriage of goods by sea

There are a number of international rules and agreements regulating international transport by sea. The Hamburg Convention, adopted in 1978 and in force to date, regulates a single legal regime, rights and obligations of the parties – shippers, consignees and carriers.
The consignor is issued a bill of lading to the consignor, which is the only confirmation of acceptance of the cargo for transportation by sea. The company RDcargo enables trading partners to avoid paper red tape and provides legal support in the preparation of all documentation for the goods.
In the sphere of international shipping, it is customary to distinguish between the linear and tramp forms of transportation. In the case of a linear vessel, the vessel passes along a well-known and established route, regardless of the type of cargo. The trumpet form of transportation allows the variation of the route and the schedule of the passage of the ship, depending on the availability of the cargo. We carry out freight transportation in any convenient way for the customer, including mixed delivery.

Advantages of sea cargo transportation

The main feature of transporting goods by sea is the possibility of delivering goods of any size, weight, and shape – liquid, loose and solid.
Among the advantages of sea cargo transportation, it should be specially noted:

  • economy – the cost of transportation by sea is much lower than air delivery;
  • reduction in the risk of theft, loss or damage of cargo;
  • possibility of modular transportation;
  • simplicity of warehousing, placement of goods in a container, saving on packaging of individual items.

Of course, do not forget that the time spent on transporting goods by sea is considerable. But in the absence of urgency, the duration of the journey is fully paid off. The low cost of maritime international cargo transportation covers temporary losses and makes this method of delivery of goods more and more popular.
Trade relations between Ukraine, China, Turkey and India are at the peak of their development. And if the delivery of goods from Turkey is possible with the help of road transport, then the exchange of goods with distant partners with the help of sea vessels is currently the optimal choice.

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