Container transportation

Container transportation

Перевозка контейнеров из Турции
Transportation of containers from Turkey
The development of trade relations between Ukraine and Turkey, India, and also China is happening more rapidly. And the commodity exchange is not affected by the nationwide economic crisis, the reduced purchasing power of our compatriots and other natural processes. Qualitative and inexpensive imported goods are in demand at all times, and, accordingly, freight from Turkey and other countries are becoming more and more in demand.

Advantages of cooperation with RDKargo

For 10 years RdCargo has been a leader in the logistics services market. And it’s not surprising – we offer the most favorable conditions for the delivery of goods and container shipments. By signing a contract with RDcargo, you receive:

  • strict observance of the delivery time;
  • guarantee of cargo safety;
  • choice of mode of transportation;
  • optimally calculated route;
  • an individual approach to the solution of the task assigned to the employees.

Transportation of containers from Turkey, China, India is carried out by all types of transport: cars of various carrying capacity, planes, on the ship. Regardless of the chosen method of delivery, you can be sure – your goods will arrive in Ukraine as quickly as possible.

Additional services

Trade relations between countries entail the inevitable occurrence of various kinds of difficulties that can disrupt the delivery time and violate the terms of the partnership agreement. We undertake the solution of such tasks as complete cargo escort, assistance in customs clearance, settlement with suppliers. If necessary, you can use our catalog of trusted reliable suppliers and warehouses of the company located in Ukraine, Turkey, India and China.

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