Transportation. Understand in terminology

August 09 2017

Often, when faced with a new business, you immediately find yourself in a world where everyone except you is spoken in another language using a ton of terminology. Today we will simplify your life a little and tell you in some simple words about some of the types of transportation.

There are three types of transportation:
– unimodal;
– intermodal;
– multimodal.

So, unimodal transportation is transportation, where the main role is played by one logistics company, which uses one mode of transport. The most common scheme of their work is “door to door”, i.e. “from door to door”. This is very convenient, because the goods will not be lost when delivered by different vehicles.

If we talk about intermodal transport, then here we are talking about two or more modes of transport. But there are also multimodal transport. It would seem, what else is needed? But there are situations when one company is not able to load from point A to point B, so another logistic company comes to the rescue, and they already carry out the transportation and control of the cargo.

Let’s summarize: with unimodal one mode of transport and one company; with intermodal non-multiple modes of transport and one company; and for multimodal transport, participants are several modes of transport and several logistics companies.

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