How to choose a supplier for an online store and what to look for?

A huge niche in the life of every modern man is occupied by the Internet and all its delights. For example, quick and convenient online shopping. The sphere of e-commerce has become a golden residential for young entrepreneurs and satraps. But is everything so simple?

When you face this business on your own, you realize that you need to start with suppliers. And they, in fact, it is difficult to call partners in this area.

Why? Suppliers are still oriented towards customers offline, who are ready to work with large parties and according to the usual pattern for them. And e-commerce for them is just another sales channel. Suppliers are not ready to immediately respond to an order, which spoils the impression of the online store.

Let’s analyze the online store market in Ukraine . Here, 53% are occupied by 10 large Internet retailers, and 47% share large and small ones. That is, only 10 companies can afford to buy large quantities of goods, and for them it will be comfortable. The second half of the market will have to be twisted.

There are two standard schemes for working with suppliers:

  1. Work with your own warehouse. Let’s say at once that this is quite expensive. It’s much easier and more profitable to rent a warehouse , and simply allocate a budget to it each month.
  2. Dropshipping. In this case, the online store acts only as an intermediary between the buyer and the supplier. But! Here, the reputation of the company will already depend entirely on the logistics company with which the supplier operates.

    Actually, why is speed so important? In the era of information technology, a person values ​​his time and the speed with which he was rendered a service. And for the time when you check the availability of goods in the warehouse, the customer can leave to another retail.Therefore, the most important points to look for when choosing a provider are the simplicity and availability of data, their automation, and reliable logistics company .